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On this page we will list all of the programs we offer to radio stations for broadcast. Please check in often because we will frequently update the pages with new items.

Gospel Time
We produce a daily Gospel Time program that can fit into a half hour segment of a radio station's broadcast schedule.  In addition to gospel songs by such well known groups as Gold City, Crabb Family, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Talley Trio, etc. we blend in hits from the groups of the past such as The Happy Goodmans, the Florida Boys, the Cathedral Quartet, etc.  Sprinkled in between the songs are 60 second ministry spots.  We include these in an effort to minister to the needs of Christians and reach out to the unsaved with the Gospel message.
Free of charge!

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This Gospel Time program is produced to fill an hour segment on radio stations.  It is much like the half hour Gospel Time program except the 60 second ministry spots are not included.  The program basically flows from one song to another. 
Free of charge!


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