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Gospel Time is a production of Gospel Time Ministries, Inc, a non-profit 501c3 corporation.  Gifts to this ministry are tax deductible!.

In addition to money, Gospel Time gladly accepts donations of used automobiles, pickups, computers, radio equipment, etc.

For example, if you donated something to this ministry, you would receive a Receipt from Gospel Time Minstries, Inc.  When you file your federal tax return, you can assign a reasonable value for that item and use that amount as a deduction.  This could be a better financial option that trying to sell it!

Contact us if you have an item that you are considering as a possible donation!

Remember that the expenses of keeping our programs on the air are met solely through donations from listeners like you!

Our programs emphasize the truths of the Bible!
A closed Bible does nobody any good!

Gospel Time * Box 68 * Bone Gap, Illinois * USA * 62815